Artist Statement

I have been smitten with creating glass beads ever since I saw the first bead at a Bazaar sponsored by the International Society of Glass Beadmakers in 2004. Going to the event seemed like an interesting way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I had no idea how life changing it would become.

It is an amazing process, to melt glass into a molten blob and then shape it into beads.  A hole inside, created by winding molten glass onto a stainless steel rod,  is used for stringing  these little creations in jewelry.  Beads can also be collected or held in your hand and looked at!  Glass is fun to touch and look at! All pretty amazing options! They are magical to create and magical to hold!

Beads have been worn as an element of design in jewelry for over 80,000 years. This started with simple things, like shell beads. Isn’t that amazing? Every one of my beads is handmade and designed one by one  in a flame. No two are exactly alike and my creative process is evident in each one. They go directly into a kiln where they are annealed overnight.

My inspiration for glass beads comes from everything I see, especially in the natural world. I’m a science bug and nature lover at heart. Flowers and the colors of all things in nature, are sometimes hard to believe! I also like taking a whimsical look at the wonderful world of animals and birds.

Thank you for stopping by to see some of my fun!

Kathy Lowe

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